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The Information Theory and Applications Center is dedicated to the study of information theory fundamentals and their relations to communications, computer- and life-sciences, finance, statistics, and related disciplines. The center supports both original research and educational activities in these areas.

Wednesday, 04.23.14, 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Atkinson Hall, Room 4004, Seminar
Load Balancing in Large Graphs
Venkat Anantharam , UC Berkeley
We consider load balancing on a large graph. Each edge has a unit of load that it wishes to distribute between its nodes in the most balanced way. For infinite graphs the corresponding load balancing problem exhibits nonuniqueness, related with role of boundary conditions in statistical mechanical models...

ITA Center Inaugurated
02/08/2006 - ITA's inaugural workshop was attended by 439 participants hailing from 21 countries, 25 companies, and 84 universities, and presenting 183 technical talks. Monday and Tuesday focused on communication, coding, and compression while Thursday and Friday centered around networking, machine learning, statistics, statistics, vision, and bio-informatics. Thursday also included a life-science-tutorial with talks on Systems biology, bioinformatics, and population genetics.

Wednesday was inauguration day and comprised a keynote address, panel discussion, open problems, and the center's inauguration ceremony...