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This page is designed to quickly guide you through the process of creating wiki pages on this wiki as well as get statistics on various pages as well as users' contributions.


Creating and editing a page

In order to create a page, merely visit the page. For instance, to create a page called "Your page", just visit on your web browser, and choose to edit the page when you are prompted with a response.

To make further edits to a page, just visit it and choose the "Edit" link on the right side of the top bar.

Good practices

Adding sections

It is useful to split the page into several sections. This can automatically be achieved by creating sections in the page using the === (triple = magic sequence)

===Section 1===
Section 1 contents

===Section 2===
Section 2 contents

When a sufficient number of sections are added, a table of contents is generated automatically at the top of the page.

How to link to documents

Links are of two types: internal links, which lead to documents within the same wiki, and external links, which lead to documents outside the wiki on the web.

To create a link to another article in the Wiki, just enclose the title of the article within a pair of square brackets. For example:

[[Source coding]]

yields Source coding. However, if you wish to link certain other text to a wiki page, use:

[[Source coding|source coding techniques]]

which results in source coding techniques being linked to Source coding.

External links can be created as follows:


But in order to link other text, you can use

The [[RFC]]-mandated [ website]

For more information

Take a look at the wiki markup cheatsheet and help page for math.

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