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2015 Information Theory
and Applications Workshop

Sunday 2/1 - Friday 2/6
Scripps Seaside Forum, La Jolla


Monday and Tuesday will focus on information theory and communications, while Thursday and Friday will center on networking, computer science, machine learning, bioinformatics, signal processing, statistics, and related disciplines.


12/9 (Friday) Paper titles
Poster picture
1/1 (Thursday) Registration
1/15 (Thursday)Final papers

Plenary presentations

Differential Privacy, Cynthia Dwork, Microsoft

Information from language, Fernando Pereira, Google

Comparison Lemmas: From Slepian to Non-Smooth Optimization, Babak Hassibi, Caltech

On brain mapping, Christof Koch, The Allen Institute

The next best code, Rudiger Urbanke, EPFL

Market Design, Alvin Roth, Stanford

Sessions and events

Superbowl Party at the La Jolla Shores' La Jolla Room, Sunday

Reception, Sunday

Bonfire at the beach, Monday

Outreach event for students and postdocs, Tuesday

Banquet, Wednesday

Student Banquerrito, Wednesday

Bonfire at the beach, Thursday

Scripps Seaside Forum
La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
La Jolla Shores Hotel