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Frontiers of Science of Information

Frontiers of Science of Information:
Research at the Center for Science of Information

Wojciech Szpankowski
Department of Computer Science
Purdue University
W. Lafayette, IN 47907

In 2010, the National Science Foundation established a Science & Technology Center for the Science of Information (CSoI) to meet emerging challenges posed by the rapid advances in information collection, communication, storage, and analysis in diverse application domains. The mission of the Center is to advance science and technology through a new quantitative understanding of the representation, communication, and processing of information. These efforts are strongly motivated by applications in biological, physical, social, and engineering domains. Purdue University leads nine partner institutions, Berkeley, Bryn Mawr, Howard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Texas A&M, UCSD, and UIUC, at the Center. In this talk, we present some recent research results obtained by the members of the Center in structural information, temporal information, learnable information, and information theoretic approaches in life sciences. In particular, we describe an asymptotically optimal algorithm for compression of graph structures, discuss Markov field types and tilings, present a real time coding with limited lookahead, propose a joint string complexity approach to classify messages in social media, and finally, offer some interesting information-theoretic models for biological systems.

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