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Sunday evening
6:30 Reception at the Radisson
Monday - Friday except Wednesday
Three parallel sessions held at the Calit2 auditorium and multi-purpose room and at the Computer Science and Engineering auditorium
8:30 Continental breakfast
9:00 Session
10:20 Break
10:40 Session
12:00 Lunch
1:20 Session
2:40 Break
3:00 Session
4:00 Break
4:20 Session
Plenary talks held at the Calit2 auditorium, time may vary as needed
9:00 Keynote lecture
Decoding the Information in Genomes and Protein Networks,
Richard Karp, UC Berkeley
10:00 Panel discussion
Robert Calderbank, Princeton, moderator
David Forney, MIT
Michael Luby, Digital Fountain, Inc.
Pavel Pevzner, UCSD
Martin Vetterli, EPFL
Andrew Viterbi, The Viterbi Group
Jacob Ziv, Technion
11:00 Center inauguration
11:45 Lunch
1:00 Open problems
2:30 Break
3:00 Social events
5:30 Break
7:00 Banquet - faculty club
Musical performance, Shlomo Dubnov and János Négyesy
A 3-hour life-sciences tutorial introducing a quantitative audience to bio-informatics and genetics, held at the Calit2 auditorium.
9:00 Systems biology, Bernhard Palsson, UCSD
9:50 Break
10:00 Combinatorial problems in bioinformatics, Pavel Pevzner, UCSD
10:50 Break
11:00 Population genetics, Nicholas Schork, UCSD