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Sunday evening
6:30-9:00 Reception
Default daily schedule - Exceptions and special sessions below
8:00 Continental breakfast
8:30 Sessions
12:20 Lunch
1:45 Sessions
6:30 Zzzz
Exceptions and special sessions
1:45 Wireless Industry Trends, Roberto Padovani (Watch )
6:45 Remembering Jack Wolf (Watch )
7:00 Taco Tuesday - an evening in the life of a UCSD student, organized by the Coviello twins, current and former students welcome
8:30 Information Theory in an Industrial Research Lab, Marcelo Weinberger (Watch )
8:30 Optimizing Kinect: Audio and acoustics, Ivan Tashev (Watch )
9:45 Machine Learning at Yahoo, Deepak Agarwal (Watch )
9:45 How does applied math become applicable?, Emina Soljanin (Watch )
11:00 Relief, Ubli Mitra and Ruediger Urbanke
1:15 Graduation-day posters
2:45 Graduation-day talks
6:45 Banquet
1:45 A Trillion Photos, Steven Seitz (Watch )
7:00 Game night and refreshments - Amit Chakrabarti, Sidharth Jaggi, Bakhtiyar Neymanov, and Prasad Santhanami
4:10 Refreshments and farewell