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2013 Information Theory
and Applications Workshop

Sunday 2/10 - Friday 2/15
Catamaran Resort, San Diego


Monday and Tuesday will focus on information theory and communications, while Thursday and Friday will center on networking, computer science, machine learning, bioinformatics, signal processing, statistics, and related disciplines. Several expository presentations will cover different aspects of "big data"


12/3 (Monday) Paper titles
Poster picture
1/1 (Tuesday) Registration
2/1 (Friday) Final papers

Sessions and events

Reception, Sunday evening

The Tonight Show with Sergio Verdu, Tuesday evening

Graduation Day, Wednesday

A Way with Words, Wednesday

Banquet, Wednesday evening

Valentine's Day, Thursday evening

Video talk-introductions

Presenters are encouraged to upload 2-minute video introductions for their talks. For help with creating and uploading a video, please check you presenter profile. Some videos:

Sequential high dimensional change-point detection,
Yao Xie

Data security in distributed storage systems,
Salim El Rouayheb

Minimax Compressed Sensing,
Galen Reeves

Signal reconstruction in linear mixing systems with additive error metrics,
Dror Baron

Finding correlations, learning juntas, and the closest pair problem,
Gregory Valiant

Near-optimal adaptive compressed sensing and group testing,
Matt Malloy

Learning Mixtures of Spherical Gaussians: Moment Methods and Spectral Decompositions,
Daniel Hsu

Toward enforceable "property rights" in cognitive radio: carrots vs sticks,
Kristen Woyach

Gaussian hybrid digital/analog coding with bandwidth expansion and side information at the decoder ,
Ertem Tuncel

Green Communication: From Maxwell's Demon to "Informational Friction" ,
Pulkit Grover

Hybrid Analog-Digital Beamforming Design for Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems with Partial Channel Knowledge,
Robert Heath

Optimal Equivocation in Secrecy Systems a Special Case of Distortion-based Characterization,
Paul Cuff

Reusable low-error compressive sampling schemes through privacy,
Martin Strauss

Approximating the Global Minimum of the Bethe Free Energy,
Tony Jebara

Data driven suppression rule for speech enhancement,
Ivan Tashev

Something for almost nothing: Advances in sub-linear time algorithms,
Ronitt Rubinfeld

Codes with local regeneration,
P. Vijay Kumar

Source and Channel Codes via Sparse Linear Regression,
Ramji Venkataraman

Universal fixed-to-variable source coding in the finite blocklength regime,
Oliver Kosut

Maximally compact sequences,
Yann Barbotin

Tracking dynamic sparse signals: a hierarchical Kalman filter,
Wei Dai

Learning hidden Markov sparse models,
Lin Li

An information-theoretic meta-theorem on edge-cut bounds and applications,
Sudeep Kamath

The benefit of joint source-channel coding,
Victoria Kostina

Polar Coding for Broadcast Channels,
Naveen Goela

Convergence of the conditional per symbol entropy for stationary Gaussian fading channels for almost all input sequences,
Rudolf Mathar

Capacity bounds for the Gaussian X channel,
Ranga Prasad

Physical Layer Security via Cooperative Transmitting,
Ninoslav Marina