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Sunday evening
1:00-6:30 Video introductions - we'll help you create your video
3:00-5:00 Overview of Theory of Probability by Santosh Venkatesh (all invited)
6:30-9:00 Reception
Default daily schedule - Exceptions and special sessions below
8:00 Continental breakfast
8:30 Sessions
12:20 Lunch
1:30 Plenary
2:25 Break
2:40 Sessions
6:30 Zzzz
Exceptions and special sessions
12:30 IT Society Student and Outreach lunch at Tony Roma's, kitty corner from the Catamaran, Elza Erkip, Joerg Kliewer, Sriram Viswanath
12:25 Funding talks, Philip Regalia, Robert Bonneau
1:30 Something for almost nothing: Advances in sub-linear time algorithms, Ronitt Rubinfeld, MIT and Tel Aviv University (Watch )
6:30 Light Refreshments
6:45 The Tonight Show with Sergio Verdu
7:50 Taco Tuesday, meet at the lobby, the Coviello twins, current and former students welcome
8:30 Cancer Genomics, David Haussler, UC Santa Cruz (Watch )
9:45 Graduation Day talks
12:00 Poster + Buffet lunch
5:00 A Way with Words, PBS Radio Hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barret
6:45 Banquet on a Bay Cruise
12:20 Women in the Information Theory Society (WITHITS) Lunch Meeting
1:30 Plenary: Statistical Inference on High-Dimensional Covariance Structure, Tony Cai, U Penn
6:30 Light refreshments
6:45 Valentine's Day, Ubli Mitra
1:30 Plenary: Designing Large-scale Nudge Algorithms, Balaji Prabhakar, Stanford (Watch )
6:30 Refreshments
6:45 Complimentary Happy Hour at Tony Roma's, across the street from the Catamaran