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2014 Information Theory
and Applications Workshop

Sunday 2/9 - Friday 2/14
Catamaran Resort, San Diego


Monday and Tuesday will focus on information theory and communications, while Thursday and Friday will center on networking, computer science, machine learning, bioinformatics, signal processing, neuro science, and related disciplines. Several expository presentations will cover different aspects of neuro science and brain mapping.


12/2 (Monday) Paper titles
Poster picture
12/31 (Tuesday) Registration
1/31 (Friday)
2/8 (Saturday)
Final papers

Sessions and events

Reception, Sunday evening

How to land your dream job, Panel, Tuesday

Graduation Day, Wednesday

CSoI Evening presentation, Tuesday

National Comedy Club, Wednesday

Banquet, Wednesday evening

Valentine's Day, Thursday evening

Video Abstracts

Click here to vote for your favorite videos.

Presenters are encouraged to upload 2-minute video abstracts for their talks. For help with creating and uploading a video, please check your registration profile. Some videos:

Gaussian skewness approximation for dynamic rate multi-server queues,
William Massey

Poisoned wine bottles, not enough rats,
Michael Kleber

Fundamental Limits on Energy Consumption of Noisy Computing,
Pulkit Grover

Information spread in networks: Control, games, and equilibria,
Ali Khanafer

Compute-and-forward: Back to the DMC,
Bobak Nazer, Michael Gastpar

Loss minimization and parameter estimation with heavy tails,
Daniel Hsu, Sivan Sabato

Real-time Network Coding: From Theory to Product,
Diogo Ferreira, Joao Barros

The Henchman Problem --- secrecy measured by minimum distortion in a list,
Curt Schieler, Paul Cuff

Can We Image Through Walls with WIFI Signals?,
Yasamin Mostofi

Assuring privacy and reliability in crowdsourcing with coding,
Lav Varshney, Aditya Vempaty, Pramod Varshney

Fundamentals of multihop multiflow wireless networks,
Ilan Shomorony, Salman Avestimehr

On the Provable Convergence of Alternating Minimization for Matrix Completion,
Moritz Hardt

New Results in Successive Coding,
Emrah Aykol

Multiplicative parameter uncertainty in control systems: an information-theoretic perspective,
Gireeja Ranade

On Hypercontractivity and the Mutual Information between Boolean Functions,
Venkat Anantharam, Amin Gohari, Sudeep Kamath, Chandra Nair

A Stochastic Model for Electron Transfer and cell energetics in Bacterial Cables,
Nicolo Michelusi, Sahand Pirbadian, Mohamed El-Naggar, Urbashi Mitra

A bound on secret key length via binary hypothesis testing,
Himanshu Tyagi, Shun Watanabe

An Improved Outer Bound on the Storage-Repair Bandwidth Tradeoff of Exact-Repair Regenerating Codes,
Birenjith Sasidaran, Kaushik Senthoor, P Vijay Kumar

Invention Videos

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Attendees are encouraged to make short advertisements about inventions. For help with creating and uploading a video, please check your registration profile. Some videos:

Useful LaTeX Error Messages,
Oliver Kosut (c/o Pulkit Grover and Bobak Nazer)

Bandwidth Ex-nihilo,
Raymond Moberly

Invention Inventory

This year's poster includes inventions your made or would like to have made. Here are some examples to get you started.

For information theorists: Polar codes, Bipolar codes, Capacity-exceeding codes
For computer scientists: 3D Latex, User-friendly Linux
For researchers: Self-correcting paper, Relevant theory paper
For academics: Quarter-long semesters, Auto grant writer, Committee bot
For students: Auto thesis writer, Advisor proximity detector, Free-food sensors, Grammar-free language
For air travelers: GPS enabled luggage, Delay-free airline, Tasty airline food, Portable heliport
For families: Baby mute button, Dishwashing sink
For food lovers: Bacon strawberry smoothie, Tearless onions
For lazy eaters: Sandwich tree, Straw-stem oranges
For the "busy": Anti-procrastination pill, Ambidextrous shoes
For health professionals: Cure for cold, Dream recorder
For couch athletes: Captivating cricket game
For geeks: Samsung-sized iPhone, Shatter-free cellphone, 3D radio
For animal lovers: Self-walking dog, Pooch poop trailer
For panda lovers: Pocket panda, Panda pasta, Poultry panda
For ITA organizers: Self-organizing talks, Self-generating poster
For almost everyone: Hangover-free alcohol, Prescription-free Ritalin, 50-hour days

Your Inventions

The following are your contributed inventions (added through your profile page) in no particular order.
Inventions that include the inventor's name will participate in our master-inventor competition for some cool prizes.

If you are registered for the upcoming workshop, click here to vote for your favorite inventions.

Invention Inventor Invention Inventor
Contributed Inventions EvaluatorToby BergerPraesen-Silentium (presenter silencer)Tara Javidi
On-the-go sensingJayakrishnan UnnikrishnanGirlfriend's mood decoderAdria Tauste
baby sleep inducerRonit BustinPsychiatric PenicillinChris Rose
Auto Cover Letter TailorizerAli KhanaferAutomatic paper-writing keyboardKobi Cohen
Mrs. Gerber's llamaSudeep KamathAuto-correcting examRuediger Urbanke
Speculative Nonsense Rambling (SNR)Anant SahaiGambling patchAshkan Jafarpour
Lensless cameraAhmed KirmaniA world delayed by a weekAlon Orlitsky
compressive proof checkerUpamanyu MadhowTeleportation DeviceNamratha Vedire
Super-optimal receiverNeri MerhavRadio frequency neuroprocessorsRoy Yates
Horse CodesQin HuangSelf-correcting TrackerHossein Roufarshbaf
Jet-Lag Erasure CodeP Vijay Kumarsave-load in real worldChicheng Zhang
Misinformation-theoretic insecurityMatthieu BlochDot Boxing on an OscilloscopeNikhil Karamchandani
Bug-free ubuntuKonstantinos StamatiouLos Angeles Traffic EliminatorRichard Wesel
Wireless WireMahdi CheraghchiSelf-extending deadlineTobias Koch
Autonomous Mobile NetworksIzhak RubinIID - Impossible Invention DisclosureNeri Merhav
Universal jargon translatorGreg Ver SteegInfinite To Finite ConverterS. Sandeep Pradhan
human fuel gaugeSi-Hyeon LeeThe Shape Of InformationSuresh Venkatasubramanian
New technology's old rootGrant Proposal-Writing RobotGregory Pottie
Universal Self-Checking ExamYossef SteinbergElectric Ski BoatRobert Heath
Capacity over-achieving codesYanina ShkelBiological big data representations
Coffee-to-invention converterNeri MerhavNegative calorie pizzaLorenzo Coviello
Unary symmetric channel coderMartin StraussBeautiful Proof GeneratorAli Khanafer
anonymous referee identifierVivek BorkarDrive-through parkingMartin Haenggi
In formation theoryNeri MerhavMulti Dimensional Recording Code
Thinking CameraSangkeun LeeConvexity detectorWei Yu
Spread speck roomNeri MerhavSelf-organizing OfficeHong-Yeop Song
Automatic best-paper generatorMahdi CheraghchiCorrelated Noise CancellerJerry Gibson
Bigger DataMesrob OhannessianUseful Latex Error MessagesOliver Kosut
News-to-Blues ComposerMichael HonigMIMO - My Invention Must OutperformNeri Merhav
Bandwidth Ex-nihiloRaymond MoberlyPiano Roll Manuscript Storer
Food DownloaderNavid NaderializadehBuffoon's NeedleSudeep Kamath
sleep workingArash Saber TehraniDiversity codingEnder Ayanoglu
Cat-set bounds for BMW-GN channels.Mahdi CheraghchiMAC Acronym Congestion (MAC)Ofer Shayevitz
Universal single-letterizerJun ChenError Creating CodesMahdi Cheraghchi
Unstable FootnotesAnant SahaiPudding TheoryArya Mazumdar
Correlation/Causation DetectorAria Nosratinia(practically) practical theory
q-ary English ChannelMahdi CheraghchiWhite-noise estimation
resealable banana peelPaul SiegelITLinQSalman Avestimehr
Handwriting to LaTeX converterAaron WagnerSet of all theoremsSae-Young Chung
Jensen direction reverserOfer ShayevitzBSC: Best Simple CaseArman Fazeli Chaghooshi
Discreet Fourier TransformAlbert Guillen i Fabregascapacity region plotter
Self-Updating Literature ReviewAli KhanaferWireless Friction Device
rewind-replay for life eventsShai Ben-DavidDropbox Activity SimulatorJayadev Acharya
Joint source/channel codingEnder Ayanoglu42=3+2+8+5+1+15+8 = C2H5-OHAnanda Suresh
miscommunication capacityPulkit GroverWarning: Capacity reachedArman Fazeli Chaghooshi
Eau de DeadlineChristina Fragouliinformation-friction
Algorithmic UniverseAndrew Viterbiauto conjecture counter example finderAylin Yener
Mining Big GiraffesDimitris Papailiopoulosreviewer de-anonymizer Aylin Yener
Operational Meaning GeneratorEduard JorswieckShannon RNA AssemblerSreeram Kannan
FadebookNeri MerhavThyme machineSalim El Rouayheb
Coffee making coffee cupTor HellesethTheorem-to-coffee decompilerØyvind Ytrehus
Poser CodesAman BhatiaHolographic kissingUpamanyu Madhow
coding@network50 hours dayHanzhong Liu
MFB = CRBback-to-work memory autoloaderYao Li
Paper discoverability Nebojsa Jojiclettuce codesYair Yona
Strategy for medium interferenceI whisper
faulty-logic correcting logicYao LiClonal teleportation
Paper Shredder/SummarizerR. SrikantCoffee-to-theorem machineBrian Kurkoski
Paper-to-Reviewer-Report converterNeri MerhavSelf-designing optimal codeAria Nosratinia
cancer eradication pillPG-13 glassesAnanda Suresh
Jetlagless Conference TeleporterAlbert Guillen i FabregasShallow LearningPhilippe Rigollet
Self-entertained childreButtlerAryeh Kontorovich
Auto bound tightenerYonatan KaspiLyapunov Function FinderAli Khanafer
Compressed JunkingShayan GaraniHoney Badger CodesMaxim Raginsky
Dream-to-reality converterNeri MerhavBrownian CommotionSudeep Kamath
World Cup winnerGonzalo MateosPower-generating cloudYi Lu
IEEE - Inventions Everyday EvErywhereNeri MerhavA practical theoremDavid Tse
NSA-proof Coding TheoryYue Lisave-load in real worldChicheng Zhang
Tasty supercomputerDayu HuangInvention generator generatorRon Graham
Non-Shannon theoryYoung-Han KimRAIN - RAndom INvention generatorNeri Merhav
Decompressed nonsenseNeri Merhavgraph-based car-key searchAdam Williamson
Universally Compressive TransactionsAlbert Guillen i FabregasPatch that makes Windows workMahdi Cheraghchi
Error-Correcting Golf BallHong-Yeop SongFunny nonsense generatorNeri Merhav
what does make differenceorganic, light-emitting dogeAdam Williamson
Enlarge Your Channel Capacity Today!!!Maxim RaginskyBed-to-Office TransporterMahdi Cheraghchi
Zero-Waiting ElevatorHong-Yeop SongNP-to-P converterSae-Young Chung
Provably Dumb Chess PlayerMahdi CheraghchiShannon limit breaking modemEnder Ayanoglu
Markov Chain Monty PythonSudeep Kamathsource-selective mute machineSi-Hyeon Lee
Deadline Saving TimeAman BhatiaNever ending toilet paper rollJayadev Acharya
Confrontational Deep Neurotic NetworkGreg ShakhnarovichHearing the shape of a roomMartin Vetterli
Universal Date RistortionYonatan KaspiUniversal causality detectorCharles Elkan
autonomonopolyomnigeneratorHenry PfisterIntuitive EmacsNachikethas Jagadeesan
Automated Cat HerderDavid Lisukleft handed coffee cupMassimo Franceschetti
Shannon waterparkPulkit GroverDyslexia-correcting glassesAnanda Suresh
Edible Cookie Flavored LaserJouie AmesCompressor of inventions into space limiJonathan Scarlett
Faceboogle++Petar Popovskigzip-itaTara Javidi
Sanity-check codeNeri Merhavzero-blocklength analysisYuval Kochman
Write-Only JournalUgo VaccaroPolar vortex codesRamji Venkataramanan
Camel-proof needle eyeEzio Biglieriflavor-analyzing/learning drink vessel Claire Monteleoni
BibTex glovesOfer ShayevitzDisinformation Theory Neri Merhav
Transmitter without Message InformationBobak NazerAutomatic Theorem Prover
NERI - NEgative-Rate InformationNeri Merhavcompressed hypothesis testing
Paper-to-Businessplan-ConverterJoao BarrosPredictive trellis source codingEnder Ayanoglu
San Diego Weather WorldwideBarna Saha4-part invention KWV 772Young-Han Kim
Invention Transferring AggregationJong-Seon NoPrivacy and Digital (Miner) PapparaziLalitha Sankar
Self-Correcting PoliticianChris Rosetiny DataEhsan Ebrahimzadeh
48-hours daysLow Power Humor AmplifierHimanshu Tyagi
Ayurvedic elixir for instant undergraduIs-it-worth-it meterMichael O'Sullivan
Beer Filling AlgorithmMahdi CheraghchiStrong TropicalityIlan Shomorony
Exponents with impactYonatan KaspiSmart-aleck phoneNeri Merhav
Low-emission Green machineIlya Dumernite Whaussian goise
Deep Space Teleportation ApparatusDariush DivsalarBELCO - Below-Entropy Lossless COdeNeri Merhav
Secret-Free SocietyChris RoseOptimization-pessimization algorithmNeri Merhav
Sign of Innovations Kalman FilterAlejandro RibeiroAutomatic thought transcription
Automatic Eureka Generatornested empty syndrome
Anywhere quatum communication deviceAnders Nilsson PlymothMusac CancellerMichael Honig
GF(12)Sudarsan V S RanganathanProof deconvolverAnand Sarwate
Anti-jammer jammerSudarsan V S RanganathanMulti Armed BandaidRan Gilad-Bachrach
Portal to parallel universeerror-free communication at 0 bits/secC. Emre Koksal
Memoryless hard diskNeri MerhavHigh-Energy State-SplitterBrian Marcus
iPed, iPid, and iPudErtem TuncelMoisturizing Graphical Models
One Weird Converse TrickBobak NazerImaging Through Walls With WIFIYasamin Mostofi
Finite-steak machineNeri MerhavPhasebookNeri Merhav
Neural thought extractorHenry Baidoo-WilliamsReviewer Prediction AlgorithmShuchin Aeron
logic potionVivek BorkarImage denoser (photoshop)Neri Merhav
City-wide Moving WalkwaysMahdi CheraghchiITA Invention InventorWael Halbawi
Universal Distributed Optimal ControllerAli KhanaferMathematical StrangulatorAlbert Guillen i Fabregas
LaTeX-Free PaperMesrob OhannessianAutomatic Invention CreatorLav Varshney
Eau de Mac AirChristina FragouliITA - Invention Terribly AbsurdNeri Merhav
Broken-symmetry repairing glueMichael KleberNatcoinSae-Young Chung
Automatic Qualified-Reviewer-FinderEduard JorswieckHigh Q Humor FilterHimanshu Tyagi
Spectral Efficiency MultiplierEduard Jorswiecksub-constant algorithmsPhilippe Rigollet
Instantaneous Book ReaderAli Khanafersparse autoadvisorUpamanyu Madhow
Wireless WiresharkNeri MerhavWrite-Only-MemoryShashi Borade
Booby-trapped review rebuttalKenneth RoseFlying crazy ZigBee Yong-Hwan Lee
Lego Mathematical Theorem ProverSteven WeberInvention generatorRon Graham
Disparity check codesIlya DumerTurbo ToadsAman Bhatia
'Orlitsky'-unit meas. personalized emailRuediger Urbankelaw of large slumbersVivek Borkar
Differentially private fliteringBigg dataAman Bhatia
Counter-example generatorNeri MerhavWireless dog whispererUpamanyu Madhow
BATSUniversal Ph.D. GeneratorYossef Steinberg
Faculty meeting in a barMingyan Liuℵ0-Dimensional PrinterMahdi Cheraghchi
QoS - Quality of SandwichKobi Cohenself-cleaning deskRandall Berry
page limit annihilatorCsaba SzepesvariNERI - Not-Even-Reasonable InventionNeri Merhav
MiddleEast - SanDiego beamerYuval CassutoBrain file transfer protocolMahdi Cheraghchi
Good student cloning machineJoerg Kliewersuperluminal communication systemAydin Sezgin
Chips-vs-Dip Ratio OptimizerMahdi Cheraghchibicylotomic error correctionJoe Buhler
Schrödinger's DogMahdi CheraghchiPaper-to-Patent-TranslatorJoao Barros
Intelligent Thesis AssemblerMaice CostaISIT - InSane InvenTionNeri Merhav
mu*Error Correction Homework
seeing glasses for blindFTP - False Theorem ProverNeri Merhav
De Bruijn TopologySpecial CouplingAlbert Guillen i Fabregas
Automatic Notation Consistency CheckerAlbert Guillen i Fabregasself-consoling grad studentAylin Yener
President RomneyPaul Cuffself-revising paperAylin Yener
Alias codesKannan RamchandranGamma*
Arrow-of-time reverterNeri MerhavCity CTLin Zhang
no-light optical imagingVivek Goyalcontinuous-time one-hop channels
pocket grand pianoPaul SiegelCoding for network failuresEnder Ayanoglu
Fast ProcrastinatorAyalvadi GaneshJoint horse-camel clothingJonathan Scarlett
Ultraviolet Screen of DeathMahdi CheraghchiTPC The Perfect ColleagueAlbert Guillen i Fabregas
Make-no-mistake codesIlya DumerSeriously Turbo-Loaded MotivationChristian Schlegel
Alien DNA DetectorChris Rosesubconscious sailboat (Freudian sloop)Adam Williamson
Google maps teleport buttonMahdi CheraghchiUniversal derandomizerEyal En-Gad
ITA Invention GeneratorGokul SridharanGeneralized Cut-set BoundsAmir Salimi
QuerdenkgeneratorGiorgio QuerITA - Instant Theorem AcquisitionMehul Motani
P = NPDaphney-Stavroula ZoisA method and apparatusBrendan Frey
space-filling tree seedlingsChicheng Zhangautomagic thm to proof transmorgrifier Narayana Prasad Santhanam
Rational Pool PumpSean MeynParking Lot Search TreeMahdi Cheraghchi
Chairman of the BoardDaniel CostelloOptimal Graduation-Date EstimatorSwanand Kadhe
Shan non-theoryNeri MerhavRetroactive email un-sendeSyed Jafar
SSD Brain ImplantFarzad FarnoudAutomated FAT-solverMahdi Cheraghchi
blackboard to latex translatorSahand NegahbanFace-lift keying modulatorNeri Merhav
Permanently sharp pencilVenkat AnantharamAcoustic Silence GeneratorIvan Tashev
high-hanging elderberry picker with beakco-author cooperative jammers Aylin Yener
Uninventable InventionPrakash IshwarTerror-correcting codesArya Mazumdar
Universal Ideas-to-Papers CodingTsung-Yi ChenFinite-duration test matchesJayadev Acharya
Rejuvenation CodesAlex DimakisConference deadline extenderLorenzo Coviello
Discreet memoryless channelNeri MerhavEternal youth serum
Teleportation for WaterAseem WadhwaSabbatical yearMarcelo Firer
Hypothesis PestingAlbert Guillen i FabregasITA: Interesting Technical AssemblyRuediger Urbanke
FFT - Funny Fictitious TheoryNeri MerhavCooperative JammingAylin Yener
uncompressed nonsensingGalen ReevesLOCO - Lightless Optical COmmunicationNeri Merhav
Bluff-Markov encoderNeri Merhavone bit memory stickDavid Neuhoff
Empathy BeamJustin PearsonIrreproducible result generatorAlfred Hero
Superabsorbing spongeEzio Biglieri56K modemEnder Ayanoglu
radiant descentPhilippe RigolletAND/OR/WHATEVER gateDave Forney
Auto-prescription glassesNaumaan NayyarSelf-accepting paperLorenzo Coviello
Knowledge Transfer MachineNetwork failure recoveryEnder Ayanoglu
Error-collecting codesIlya DumerStartup-to-exit converterNeri Merhav
Cantor dust collectorChicheng ZhangBibliography Auto-Assembly
24-Hour Energy DrinkAman Bhatia