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Sunday evening
3:30 Superbowl party at the La Jolla Shores Hotel - La Jolla Room
6:30 Reception at the La Jolla Shores Hotel - Shores Restaurant
Default daily schedule - Exceptions and special sessions below
8:30 Continental breakfast at the Scripps Seaside Forum, included in registration
9:00 Sessions Monday through Wednesday / Plenaries Thursday and Friday
~12:30 Lunch, included in registration
~1:30 Plenaries on Monday through Wednesday
~2:30 Break
2:40 Sessions
5:15 Sunset break, light refreshments
5:35 Session, except Friday
6:35 Zzzz
Exceptions and special sessions
7:00 ITA Run
11:30 Entropyneur: The True Tale of Six Entropy Enterprises (Watch ), a play starring Meir Feder, Andrea Goldsmith, Nagraj Kashyap, Rajiv Laroia, Balaji Prabhakar, Nambi Seshadri, and Andrew Viterbi
12:30 Women in the Information Theory Society (WHITHITS) lunch meeting
1:30 Plenary: Comparison lemmas - from Slepian to non-smooth optimization, Babak Hassibi (Watch )
7:00 Bonfire at the beach (weather permitting)
12:30 Entrypreneur: start propelling your propositions to products (Watch ), a panel by Joao Barros, Vinith Misra, Nagraj, Tom Richardson, and Sriram Vishwanath
12:30 101 Reasons to Study Information Theory, a panel discussion with Andrea Montanari, Jonathan Scarlett, Emina Soljanin, and Venkatesh Saligrama.
1:30 Plenary: The next best code, Ruediger Urbanke (Watch )
7:00 Memorial for Alireza Seyedi at The La Jolla Room of the Shores Hotel
7:00 ITA Run
10:15 Graduation-day talks
12:00 Graduation-day posters + buffet lunch
2:00 Plenary: High-throughput cortex exploration - Christof Koch (Watch )
3:10 Relief + ITAVision Song Contest (Watch )
5:00 Student banquerrito
5:00 Banquet reception at the Marine Room Beach
5:45 Banquet at the Marine Room
9:00 Plenary: Differential privacy and false discovery control, Cynthia Dwork (Watch )
11:45 Open-problems session, organized by Robert Calderbank
12:45 Lunchtime presentation: Market Design, Alvin Roth (Watch ), 2012 Economics Nobel Laureate
7:00 Bonfire at the beach (weather permitting)
7:00 ITA Run
9:00 Plenary: Efficient optimal strategies for online prediction, Peter Bartlett (Watch )
5:15 Farewell Bash