Open problems
Chair: Alexander Vardy
Each problem will be allocated 5 minutes for presentation and 5 for discussion. Please email us proposed problems.

Does decode-and-forward achieve capacity when the relay is near the source?
Gerhard Kramer

Distortion region in common source broadcasting
Giuseppe Caire

Pointwise Convergence of Densities of Information Projections
Peter Harremoes

Degrees of Freedom in MIMO Broadcast with Finite Precision CSI
Amos Lapidoth and Shlomo Shamai

Mobile wireless broadcast channel
Rajiv Laroia and Thomas Richardson

Girth Doesn't Matter (or does it ?)
Robert McEliece

Finding the best representation of a code
Ralf Koetter

Analyzing the performance of the simplex algorithm in connection with ML decoding via linear programming
Navin Kashyap

Network Multicast: A Mathematical Model
Christina Fragouli and Emina Soljanin

Size of the Underlying Alphabet
Krishnamurthy Viswanathan

Network Arithmetic
Yunnan Wu